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Roaring UX is a new design consultancy with a focus on Digital Strategy, Digital Transition and Service Innovation Design. We help government, public and private sector organisations to deliver service innovation, which can be supported by digital tools. We work collaboratively to co create, find capacity and enable digital strategy to flourish to it’s full potential. We create user experiences that benefit service users, but also staff and stakeholders, who then have more opportunities to be part of successful service.

Changes in technology and a growing digital culture – which brings higher expectations from users – means that services, practices and process must also change.

“Digital: Applying the culture, practices, processes & technologies of the Internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.”

Tom Loosemore


People’s lives continue to change, as increasingly new technologies and new behaviours spread and become routine and normal. In sectors such as banking, retail, travel and well-being this change has been embraced as an opportunity to deliver better, faster, cheaper or higher quality services. This same opportunity now needs to be taken in government (national and local) and the health and social care sectors, while keeping a clear focus on their core mission – serving, protecting and caring for people at difficult moments in their lives.

For example in healthcare, we believe in supporting active participation where possible and appropriate. We believe in services where, as citizens, we can do things and not just have things done to or for us. We believe that this means services must innovate and technology can and should support this innovation.

Our big idea to help our clients achieve to outcomes is simple and two fold:-

  1. Giving health and care professionals the tools and processes to enable passive patients to become active participants in managed self care and well being -when able.
  2. Giving citizens, patients and carers the tools, confidence and support to be active participants in their own care – when able.

We know healthcare and social care are faced with the question of how to do more with less and improve outcomes at the same time. The approach of Roaring UX is to take current situations, however challenging,and look at opportunities to deliver more meaningful and effective services by reconfiguring resources in different ways, find new underused capacities, understand local ecosystems and support reconfiguration with technology.

Principal Davie McGirr has worked for over 22 years in Digital Transformation, Human Factors and User Experience Design across media, culture, technology, entertainment, education sectors – and for the last 5 years in the government, health and social care teams across the UK.

Government Experience

Delivered service and design consultancy for clients including Department of International Trade, test bed consultancy for Kent County Council and a qualified specialists supplier on the Government Digital Service Framework.

Projects include service design for D.I.T.s three flagships: Exporting is Great, Export Opportunities – which probably generates over £250million of overseas business for UK companies and Invest In Great Britain

Heath and Social Care Experience

Over the last 5 years Davie and the Roaring UX Associates have focused on the Health and Social Care sectors working across the UK on a number of notable projects while with Digital Life Sciences.

Innovate UK’s dallas – delivering assisted living at scales

Four consortia were awarded £25 million of government money, to which they’ve added their own financial contributions to develop innovation and test with communities across the UK

The vision was that by summer 2015, the programme aimed to involve over 170,000 people across the UK in the dallas programme (delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale), benefiting from new and innovative products, systems and services and transforming their choices as they age.

As the Product Design Director and Design Lead with Digital Life Sciences Davie designed significant elements of the User Experience across 3 of the 4 consortia in Scotland (NHS 24), Liverpool and in 4 NHS Trusts across in Grampian, Liverpool, South Warwickshire and Birmingham.

Year Zero: Product design five significant digital products to be used primarily by patients and citizens to enable them to participate in supported self care services

  • A Better Plan: A patient held record and health journal
  • No Delays: Video prescription tool that enables recently diagnosed patients to better understand their condition and the prognosis of their illness/disease.
  • Good Neighbours: Circle of care network
  • eDayBook: A digital daybook for domiciliary, care teams in Kent
  • Virtual Consultations: Prototype dashboard to help patients record and manage critical measurements such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels, prior to diabetes surgeries.

Living it Up: UX design across the project and supporting technology partners is a health, well-being and self-management website for people over 50 in Scotland who may be living with long term conditions.

More Independence: Product design on their MI Plan tool that is a self care management tool where user can reflect record health data and plan.

Prime Minister’s GP Access Fund

Davie worked on phase 1 of this (then known as the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund) as Director of Product Design with Digital Life Sciences with the Modality Partnership in Birmingham to developing the user experience for their online access (web and app) and re engineering the services so it could be supported by technology. The result was ground breaking as of June 2015 –

  • 72% reduction in DNAs….equates to an annualised cost saving of approximately £210k across the whole business
  • 10-15% increase in within day activity – meeting more unmet demand within the resources already available
  • 65% of patients are consistently being dealt with remotely, without having to come in to practice
  • Average consultation time reduced to under 5 minutes (for the remote consultations)
  • 70% of patients say that the new access system is better than before

Davie has delivered UX designs and Service Innovation consultancy with Digital Life Sciences to a further two Access Fund project in South Worcestershire and South Birmingham.

And finally…

Some of Roaring UX and Davie’s successes have not just been in the Health and Social Care Sectors

Here are some highlights rom the last 24 years

  • Hulton Deutsch (now Hulton Getty), 1995: Design for their first online consumer collections and retail system.
  • Arena Browser, 1995: Designed the interface for MIT’s first commercial browser – Arena. Sadly the week before launch Netscape launched and Arena was resigned to become a demo for HTML 3.
  • Gibson Guitars Centenary: CD+ and website featuring Gibson’s guitars most famous musicians inc Primal Scream, Guns N’ Roses and Muddy Waters
  • MCA and Universal Music, 1996: First UK corporate website, label management system (eventually also delivered in Japanese) and microsites for artists such as Jimi Hendrix, No Doubt (Gwen Stefani) and Black Grape.
  • Barclays Bank 1996: UX and design for the banks first online banking system
  • The Sleeping Detective, 1997: Designed and produced Microsoft’s first online documentary for MSN.
  • COMPASS, 1998: Designed The British Museums first collection management system for visitors.
  • Tobu Learn Japanese, 2001: First online animated Japanese learning pack for the BBC Digital Curriculum pilot.
  • Bamaber Gascoigne’s History World, 2002: At the time the most complete history of the world online.
  • Carers Wales: Major service transformation of the Welsh Carers Service supported with an online profile and CV tools – )a Careers Passport). Won BAFTA for Technical and Social Innovation.
  • Stage Works,2005: Creative Direction on multi BAFTA winning online film project for the national Theatre offering rich media content and curriculum resources based upon key productions including Nicholas Hytner‘s ground breaking production of His Dark Materials.
  • Get Cooking 2007: executive producer of the BBC biggest online video cooking show (7 million unique users per month).
  • Planet Earth 2008: executive producer of BAFTA winning online video editor that accompanied the David Attenborough Series.
  • Puzzlevision 2009: new multi-platform live online quiz platform for Fremantle TV and News International.
  • NHS Local: Working with Maverick TV (Embarrassing Bodies, Bizarre ER etc) to deliver a large online project across the West Midlands to enable citizens and staff to navigate their way through the NHS.
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