ROARING UX: Design Consultation, Design Strategy, Service Innovation

General Design Consultancy

New technologies, medical advances and changing demographics are driving massive change in models of care. This means designing solutions that anticipate near future needs and support strong, long-term development for providers. And it means having a process and culture that enables design concepts to be deployed as new services.

Designing services and products within a health or social care setting often means considering the aesthetic, functional, economic and socio-political dimensions of both the design object and design process. It involves research, envisioning development and deployment. After deployment ongoing monitoring and usability testing enables evaluation so re-design of elements and tactic fine tuning can happen in fast and effectively.

Roaring UX can provide general design consultancy and support that is tailored to your specific requirements, helping embed good design process and practice.

Service Innovation Design

Service Innovation Design is not Service Improvement, Improvement assumes improvement is possible and everybody involved knows and agrees what needs improving – and it depends who the improvement is for. Over time there is a limit to how things can be improved or at least there are significant diminishing returns over an improvement life cycle.

Service Innovation Design is about doing something differently

  • Cheaper, faster, better, … more profitable, more sustainable, more marketable.
  • Or it’s higher quality, with better outcomes, exploiting the ecosystem using supplier/customer capacity.

Service Innovation Design requires a fundamental understanding of

  • How, where and why a service is produced and consumed.
  • Behaviours and touch points.
  • The Ecosystem it exists within.

Service Innovation Design succeeds when

  • New capacities and opportunities are exploited
  • It’s delivered in conjunction with the current technical, cultural, behavioural, economic and political drivers

Why Use Service Designers?

We’re all designers: we design or improve something every day as managers, patents, friends, activists and volunteers. We tweak and significantly change and create new ways of doing things round about us. But once this becomes a conspicuous activity we must pay more attention to how ideas develop and how new ideas can make a real difference. This helps turn turning good ideas into revolutionary ones. Moving from this silent ad hoc design activity to conscious design requires tools and guidance – this is what RoaringUX provide.

Design is focused on the creation of new things (products, services, interactions, systems, environments) to serve particular purposes. Exploring the skills and knowledge of designers is a great way of beginning to address these changes. Designerly methods provide a way for working together as a group in a productive way that is centred on the people you work with and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

RoaringUX can help you embed designerly thinking so that your organisation can continually and strategically develop great services supported by usable technology.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the process of specifying an organisation’s vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organisation. To deploy and maintain a successful digital strategy in health and social care it’s important that there are clear objectives and that the benefits are evaluated and understood.

And once clear objectives are understood then it is equally important that they are shared by senior management and project management and the workforce otherwise there is constant cultural tension and the strategy fails.

Digital strategy is vital across health and social care because if it is clear it can solve not just small communication problems but larger structural problems that stop multi agency working. A clear and well mapped out strategy enables innovation – new ways of doing things that can be supported with tools that benefit everyone involved.

RoaringUX can provide research, envisioning, iteration and the framework for developing digital strategy.

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