What did the doctor say? – I wasn’t really listening.

In 2012 the NHS Grampian Health Innovations team ran some workshops with Glasgow School of Art to test how much patients understood about their diagnosis. The results were quite revealing – many newly diagnosed patients were unsure of their diagnosis and it’s implications.

I know that from my experience with my mum, a razor sharp 85 year old, she seems to drift off at the doctors and is either not listening – in her case probably not hearing or distracted by the fact that she’s hearing bad news. Living 400 miles away, it makes it hard for me to help when I can’t get any extra information from her GP practice.

NHS Grampian came to me while I was working at Digital Life Science with this challenge – how do we help patients understand diagnoses and help them to start to make appropriate changes to their lifestyle without the delay of waiting until their next appointment.

The idea was to use video and it reminded me of a project we’d worked on in 2008 – a BBC Food show called Get Cooking with Madhur Jaffrey, Sophie Grigson and Mich Tonks.