Our approach to service innovation

Roaring UX is a new design consultancy with a focus on Digital Strategy and Service Innovation Design.

Principal Davie McGirr has worked for over 22 years in Human Factors and User Experience Design across government, media, health and social care, technology, cultural, entertainment and educational sectors – across the UK.

People’s lives continue to change, as increasing new technologies and new behaviours spread and become the routine and normal. In sectors such as banking, retailing and travel they have embraced this change as an opportunity to deliver better, faster, cheaper or higher quality services. This same opportunity now needs to be taken in sectors such as health, social care and government– while keeping a clear focus on what is their core mission –serving, protecting and caring for people at difficult moments in their lives.

We believe in supporting active participation where possible and appropriate. We believe in services where, as citizens, we can do things and not just have things done to or for us. We believe that this means services must innovate and technology can and should support this innovation.

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