Design for Success

Changes in technology and a growing digital culture – which brings higher expectations from users – means that services, practices and process must also change.

Roaring UX (User eXperience) helps government, public and private sector organisations to deliver service innovation, which can be supported by digital tools. We work collaboratively to co create, find capacity and enable digital strategy to flourish to it’s full potential. We create user experiences that benefit service users, but also staff and stakeholders, who then have more opportunities to be part of successful service.

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Flipping the clinic

How can we use the internet to transform the way care is given? Only really new ideas will make a difference to the overburdened health and care system, which is creaking under the seams of an ageing population and increasing…


Davie is one of the digital worlds hidden gems, he is a creative, technical, management, ideas kind of chap – who disarms you with his straightforward approach to even the grandest, most complicated of projects.

He has collected a team around him of some of the best in the business, and has a real skill in getting the best out of his people.

If you are planning one of those -‘how the hell do you even start on a project like that’ kind of project – then you need this particular Scotsman on the job.

Mike Dicks: Digital Provocateur

Working with Davie was fun, productive and achieved great results.

Andy Smith